The concept of buying used cars started taking ground in recent years when people started realising that used cars can be as good as new cars. The question that pops up in every used car buyer’s head, and the answer to this question lies in many parts like Affordability, Lower Depreciation Rate, Lower Insurance Premiums, About Warranty, Great Quality Cars 5 THINGS TO CHECK WHEN BUYING A USED CAR Get the car and its papers inspected thoroughly Transfer the Registration Certificate (RC) of the second hand car in your name Get the second-hand car insurance in your name Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB) Clean and fix your car before the first drive Here’s a fact. For every three new cars sold in India, there are about four used ones that exchange hands. As you can imagine, the used car market is thriving, and how. The reasons to consider going for a pre-owned car are centred around, but not limited to, how much financial sense they make. With new cars losing value literally the moment the


  Every step of the way is optimised to deliver a speedy and hassle-free experience. You can easily qualify for the sanction thanks to the minimal requirements, get instant approval, and tailor repayment to suit your capabilities. We also offer end-to-end doorstep services to facilitate the experience. With a dedicated relationship manager guiding and assisting you, buying a pre-ownedcar of your choice is now easier than ever. A pre-owned car loan is a financial instrument that individuals can avail to purchase a used car. Lenders usually provide a percentage of the car’s value in funding, and some may even offer the full value as a sanction. These loans are offered at affordable rates and feature a flexible tenure too. APPLY FOR PRE-OWNED CAR LOAN ONLINE IN 5 EASY STEPS Apply online and fill in the basic details in application form. Submit of KYC and Income documents to check your loan eligibility. The application and documents are processed for quick verification and assessment. Get


  When you take your vehicle in for routine maintenance, you may be asked whether you want to get a multi-point inspection. At a dealership, this service is often provided free of charge as part of an auto maintenance session. Regardless of whether you need to pay for the inspection or not, it’s worthwhile to know how it benefits your vehicle and what it involves. Check out this comprehensive guide to a multi-point inspection. APPLY FOR PRE-OWNED CAR LOAN ONLINE IN 5 EASY STEPS Fluids Filters Belts and hoses Tires Battery Other parts With the most advanced diagnostic tools and certified technicians, we’re able to conduct a thorough and accurate inspection of every vehicle we service. We also provide a comprehensive report that lets you know the overall condition of your car and all of the components that need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced.